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Welcome to Statalytics.

Instagram Growth Tool.

Statalytics is the tool for any person or business who wants to grow their instagram profile intelligently.

Your data encrypted

Safe & Secure

At Statalytics, we understand the importance of keeping sensitive data properly stored. We encrypt all of our data with RSA compliant methods to ensure security.

You have all of the power

Easy To Use

Unlike most competitors, we offer full control of our growth platform to you! With our 5-day trial, you can check out our analytics dashboard. Once there, you can customize your targeting settings and see the results of your growth.

Competitive Matching

Driven By Intelligence

We are constantly striving to provide the best growth service. We are the bleeding edge when it comes to profile growth: focusing on neural network and other machine learning applications for the best matching results.

So How Does This Work?

Let's go through this one step at a time.

1. Free 5-day Trial

Create an account with Statalytics and start your free 5-day trial. We require a credit card on file but will not charge you during the 5 days!

2. Connect Your Instagram

We need access to your instagram account in order to grow it! Don't worry we won't post anything on your behalf.


3. Choose Your Locations

From your Statalytics Dashboard you can choose Cities that you want more followers/engagement from.

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4. Choose Your Profiles

Choose similar Instagram profiles to your own. This allows our algorithm to analyze their followers and understand who you are looking for.

5. Choose Your #Hashtags

Hashtags are very important. They help build brands and communities on Instagram. Tell us what relevant hashtags matter to your profile.

6. Choose Keywords

Keywords help us find profiles with specific features. Whether it be age, gender, or any other targeting parameter, you can enter it here and we will make the growth magic happen!

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"AutoPods is a game changer!"

Take a Tour of Our Dashboard

Dashboard Tutorial

Our dashboard and features are constantly improving. To do so, we rely on YOU the consumer to let us know what to build next. Let us know here if you have an idea for a feature.

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Advanced Analytics

Comprehenisve dashboard with all the analytics you need.

Location Targeting

Target your users locally, or around the globe. Highly effective for local businesses.

Top Security

We don’t store any passwords, and all data is encrypted.

Profile Health

We keep up to date with Instagrams rules and limitations to keep your account healthy.

The Right People

We specialize in targeting only the RIGHT people. We believe in quality as well as quantity. Hashtags, Bio, Competitor Targeting.

Private Proxies

We take every available measure to make sure your account is safe and secure.

No Downloads

One click to start growing!

Mobile Optimized

Access your dashboard and grow your account from anywhere.

Many More

Our developers are constantly adding new features and improvements.




$30 / Mo
$30 / Mo
  • AutoPods Access
  • Growth Liking
  • Follow / Unfollow
  • Hashtag Targeting
  • Profile Targeting
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Location Targeting
  • Business Targeting
  • Custom Solutions


  • AutoPods Access
  • Growth Liking
  • Follow / Unfollow
  • Hashtag Targeting
  • Profile Targeting
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Location Targeting
  • Business Targeting
  • Custom Solutions
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What is an Instagram Pod?
A pod is a group of Instagram Users who like and comment with eachother's posts in an intelligent way to boost their engagement with their followers and possibly trend in certain niches.

Why do I need Statalytics?
Pods require hours of dedication each day. In order to receive this engagement boost, you have to engage with other profiles. Thus, pods are great but they come with quite a headache. But at Statalytics we have got you covered!

We give you AutoPods! We are the first and only service that provide automated pod groups. You can join the beta for free or sign up for our AutoPods package to get up to 1000 likes and 2x a day post usage.

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Client Reviews

Customer Testimonails

My passion is making music and sharing it with the world. Statalytics has helped me turn my passion into more of a business through Instagram. Would highly recommend this to a friend.

@maxwellkarmazyn Musician
Customer Testimonails

Pretty great service. The customer support was amazing when I was setting up my account. Answered all of my questions.

@bijan_alexander Model
Customer Testimonails

Helped me find and understand my own fans on Instagram. I love how the team actually built a feature I requested!

@michael_mancuso Singer/Songwriter/Performer