What exactly is the process?
We sign in to your account through our secure server and manage the outbound engagement from your account. This means, we follow, unfollow, and like specifically targeted users and images in your target market from your account, while you are in charge of posting content. We never comment or post on your behalf.

We also unfollow all users who do not follow you back after 1-3 days. We vary this rate to help get you the best results. If you have a preference feel free to send us an email and we will happily adjust the rate to your setting.

By doing this process at a highly effective, yet organic rate every single day, we will drastically grow your following with real users who are interested in your content.
Is this safe for my account?
Yes. As long as you are not mass-following or mass-liking on your own, it is 100% safe. We make sure that we are always up to date on the rules of Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, to ensure that your accounts are never jeopardized for any sort of mass-following or spamming infractions. We guarantee that your growth is truly organic.
How many followers and likes will my account receive when I sign up with Statalytics?
We cannot give you a specific number of followers you will gain because each account is different in terms of niche, popularity, quality of content, etc. We can however guarantee that you will grow faster than ever before. Our users grow between 400 – 2000 followers per month.

The number you receive depends directly on the quality of content you post. We have seen accounts that began with fewer than 100 followers receive upwards of 1200-1500 real followers every month while using Statalytics. We attribute this growth to the high quality content they post.

Need help with this? We are currently working on improvements to our platform to assist with content creation and posting, stay tuned!
Will it look bad for my brand to be following so many accounts?
Our research tells us that following a variety of users is perceived as a positive trait for a growing brand reaching out to a broad audience. Therefore, we take a proactive approach to building your following instead of waiting around and hoping for followers or paying excessive amounts for advertisements.

Furthermore, we make sure to unfollow more users than we follow every single day, so over time your ratio will continually improve. However, if you ever feel the need to pause your growth in order to improve your ratio of followers, we will efficiently unfollow users for you free of charge, which can be done from your dashboard.
Why can’t I do this myself?
You absolutely can! However, Statalytics saves you the time and effort it takes to make sure you’re growing at the highest possible rate all the time, without getting flagged for mass-following. This allows you to focus your energy on creating the kind of content your followers love.
How will Statalytics learn my target market?
When you sign up, you will be asked a few questions about your brand and your account. Our team then uses this information to target specific users and images to follow and like from your account.
What are pods?
A pod is a group of Instagram users who engage with each other in an intelligent way to boost engagement.

Instagram Pods were created to compete with Instagram's new ranking algorithm. The users like and comment on media within the first hour of posting to try and jumpstart the post. Pods are usually organized in a messenger application like Telegram and to join one, you have to follow the rules. These rules may demand hours of liking posts and commenting on other people's photos to ensure your own post receives the same boost.
What are AutoPods?
AutoPods are engagement groups for high quality accounts to exchange likes with each other as soon as they post. This helps account expose their content to more users, increasing the chance of reaching the explore page, and possibly gain more followers as a direct consequence.
How do AutoPods Work?
AutoPods are a community where everyone helps each other. Once you join a group, everyone in the group will like your posts and you will like other people posts in the group. Everybody helps each other go viral this way. But don't worry, you won't have to do anything, we will do it for you!
What is the benefit for me using AutoPods?
First and foremost, the number of likes on your posts will drastically increase. Next, Instagram will actually show your post to more of your own followers, and increase the chances of your post reaching the explore page. Finally, when people see other’s engaging in your content, they are far more likely to engage with it as well, leading to large increases in organic engagements overall.
Who can join AutoPods?
Please find time to read about the requirements to enter AutoPods below:
Each group has a follower restriction, so your account should be above it with a natural follower growth.
- Accounts should be active and posting regularly.
- Accounts should also have a good level of engagement (number of likes) on your posts.
- Accounts are required to have a minimum of 10 posts.
- Accounts must be at least 1 week old.
- Accounts CANNOT have any history of ever buying likes/comment/views/followers.

We are very strict and about the accounts that can join AutoPods to ensure the quality of the service and we use a complex algorithm to evaluate this, thus if you cannot join AutoPods just use another account instead if you have one. If you do not own another account then maybe AutoPods might not be an option for you. Note: If we find anyone to be violating these rules to join AutoPods in any way we reserve the right to terminate all orders, ban you from the platform, and take away any service that were delivered to you.
How do I use AutoPods?
Once you sign up, you will see your Instagram feed in the AutoPods dashboard. You have the ability to choose how many likes you will receive, and over how long. Next, simply select the photo you want boosted and press “Start Pod”.
Why are my available likes less than the total in the AutoPod?
To avoid over using likes, we limit the number of likes a user can perform. That way your account is not liking 100s of photos an hour!
How many likes can I get?
For premium users, we offer up to 1000 likes per post. For our free users, they can get up to 250 likes. If they have less than 500 followers, then they will only be able to get at most HALF of their follower count.
Are the likes from real accounts?
Yes, accounts are from 100% real users just like yourself. We never use or allow fake accounts or bots on any of our services.
Why can I only boost one post per day?
That is the current limit we have set for the AutoPods beta program. Once the beta is over this limit will be raised but depend on tiers.
Why do I have to provide my username and password?
We require username and password so we can perform the likes from your account for the other users of the AutoPod. If users did not provide access to their account, everyone would just be taking likes and no one would be giving them. This would lead to no one receiving any likes or would require the use of fake accounts or bots, which we never use.
Is this safe for my account?
Absolutely! Our company takes security very seriously. All of our data is fully encrypted using the latest industry standard encryption techniques. Our servers manage everything, so our team never has access to your passwords or information! Also, we rigorously follow the guidelines and limitations Instagram sets to ensure the safety of your account. We have never had an account blocked, banned, or flagged from using our services!
Are there rules for what content I choose to use with AutoPods?
YES! We want to keep our AutoPods community a safe and friendly space for everyone. That means keep it PG 13 people! Anything over that could get you banned from teh AutoPods service. What will get you banned? Some examples:
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Racially charged content or speech
  • Sexist content or sexist speech
  • Anything deemed hateful content
These are pretty broad categories, but we feel everyone knows what they consist of and if you are posting them! Let’s make this a safe and fun way to grow our Instagram’s together!
What is a BETA?
A beta is a very long free trial. We run this beta so that we can learn from our users how to make this a more valuable product before releasing it to the general public. All we ask from you is to use the service and provide feedback if you wish, however it is not required.
Is this free?
Yes. During the BETA, you will not be charged anything or asked for any credit card information whatsoever.
How long will the BETA last?
Until we say so! The truth is we feel that the product isn’t ready yet, and we would like to release several more features before we launch. Don’t worry, we will give you plenty of advanced notice about when the end of the beta is coming.
What will the service cost after the beta?
This service does cost us a lot to run, so we cannot run a product free forever no matter how much we wish we could. We have not yet decided on a price! However, our beta testers will either have the service completely free or at a significant discount.
What do I do if I have feedback?
You can either email it directly to us at contact@statytics.la or you comment it in the BETA comments section. You have no obligation to provide feedback if you do not want to, however it would help us immensely!
Do you require a credit card to start the free trial?
We do require a credit card on file to prevent multiple free trials for one person. Nothing will be billed for 5 days and you can cancel at any time.
Do you unfollow users who I have followed before signing up?
No. We never unfollow any users that were followed before starting our service 🙂
Can I change tiers during the trial or once I am paying?
During the trial, you can change tiers as many times as you like for FREE to check out all of our amazing products.

If you are not trialing, you can change tiers still! However, if you are upgrading to a more expensive tier, you will be charged a prorated difference. We provide a preview of the expected fees you will be charged for upgrading in the subscription settings page. If you are changing to a cheaper plan, your account will be prorated the difference from what you have paid and the new plan. Meaning the next time you are charged the credit will be applied and you will pay less!
What happens if I want to cancel?
With Statalytics, you can pay as you grow and cancel at anytime. Simply log in to your Statalytics dashboard and cancel or change your subscription at anytime.